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Manual Molding

Our manual molding floor covers the widest range of products amongst other foundries. For castings required in small amount and in small sizes to mold size up to 4x4 meters. Manual molding floor is used for pieces such as:
- Jaw Plates
- Cone Crushers
- Gears and drums of big diameters
- Many other mechanical parts.

The manual molding floor uses a wide range of molding materials such as:
Furanic Resins
AlphaSet Resins
CO2 cured Resins

The Alphaset resin is available through an articulated continuous mixer of capacity 20 tons/hour and resin to sand addition together with catalyst is controlled by PLC controlled pump system ensuring the highest mold strength to resin addition ratio
Blow Bar mold of size 1.8m x 1m x 0.5/0.5m
Casting net weight: 415Kg